DataLeads introduces flagship initiative HealthLeads

A platform for bringing together the global health community on a digital platform

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DataLeads, an India-based digital media company, revised and re-branded its existing health initiative Health Analytics Asia as HealthLeads. This is a multimedia health site with a niche focus on hard data, fact-checking, and health community engagement. The platform has been re-developed to cater to the fast-changing trends in the health sector and bring together the voices of doctors, healthcare professionals, researchers, and fact-checkers to make health-related content available for all. The aim of the HealthLeads platform is to bring the global health community together through collaboration and conversation. A panel of doctors are a part of HealthLeads’ editorial board and will be reviewing the content for its accuracy and relevance. They will play a pivotal role in setting the content agenda tailored to the needs of its readers. HealthLeads will also serve as a platform for developing and hosting pressing and significant events to bring the rigor of informed analysis and intelligent debate vis-a-vis health on international forums.

DataLeads established Health Analytics Asia in the year 2019 and based on the reader feedback and candid conversations with readers over the last three years, it was identified that a sense of community in the healthcare space is something that professionals aspire for. Hence, DataLeads decided to review its existing health model and launched HealthLeads, a place where people can come together to exchange ideas, seek and share credible information, encourage scientific discussions, and essentially inspire hope in what may seem like a hopeless time.

Syed Nazakat, founder and an award-winning journalist and media entrepreneur, shares his thoughts about re-launching HealthLeads, “Last year, I asked my team members to join me for a two-day long design thinking workshop. The aim was not to arrive at definitive solutions but to stimulate discussions and brainstorm new ideas for our health platform. At the end of the workshop, one thing was clear to most of us that we need to solve problems and create and provide information in a format that is actually helpful to people. Second, there was wider agreement in the team that we need to engage our readers and community more strongly. Collaboration is particularly important when it comes to subjects such as health where doctors and healthcare professionals are important players to provide people with accurate and timely information. Summing up all these thoughts, we launched the platform HealthLeads.”

Going forward HealthLeads will be hosting scientific publications and research papers, long-form reports to series of conversations with prominent thought leaders as well as doctors across verticals, who are doing inspiring work. We will be collaborating and partnering with various doctors and scientists for editorial planning to envision a different future for our information spaces, habits, institutions, and culture.

DataLeads is a digital media and information company aimed to help people understand and engage with the world around them. Its work spectrum ranges from training, data analysis, fact-checking initiatives, media research, and media development initiatives. 

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