Honeywell introduces new Blue Spectra medical grade bio fiber

New colored fiber technology from Honeywell supports enhanced accuracy and safety during medical operations

Honeywell introduces new Blue Spectra medical grade bio fiber designed to improve visual contrast within critical surgical procedures.

Honeywell on 13 April 2022, announced the expansion of its Spectra Medical Grade (MG) Bio fiber portfolio with a blue-hued fiber that provides a strong visual aid to better differentiate between multiple suture sets in more complex surgeries. By creating clear color contrast, the new fiber enables healthcare professionals to operate more accurately and efficiently, promoting greater safety and comfort for patients.

We are providing major manufacturers the opportunity to modernize orthopedic devices and improve surgical methods with our colored Spectra MG Bio fiber, and to deliver that innovation in a collaborative, supportive manner,” said Abey Paul, business leader for Spectra MG Bio Fiber at Honeywell. “This technology is extremely important for orthopedic applications around the world, fostering successful procedures that protect both patients and professionals, and Honeywell is leading in setting new standards.”

Engineered to be both ultra-lightweight and ultra-high-strength, Honeywell’s Spectra MG Bio fiber provides superior resistance to chemicals, fatigue and abrasion when compared to conventional polyethylene fiber, making it an optimal solution for minimally invasive surgeries. Earlier this year, the technology received ISO 13485 certification, the highest management standard for the medical device industry.

The addition of a colored variety to the Spectra MG Bio portfolio means the biomaterial can be utilized and trusted by a wide range of manufacturers building increasingly smaller, stronger and lighter devices. For the orthopedic market, colored Spectra MG Bio fiber provides new advantages for both existing devices and emerging trends used in corrective surgeries, such as robotics that reduce procedure durations and smart implants that flag dangerous bacterial presence. This advancement will help to support the growing worldwide market for orthopedic devices, which is expected to reach a $43.1 billion (approximately Rs 3,28,639 crore) value by 2024. In addition, by collaborating with and supplying directly to OEMs, Honeywell offers more tailored, flexible customer support to device manufacturers aiming to advance their equipment designs with colored-fiber compatibility.

Honeywell’s new colored Spectra MG Bio fiber is expected to be commercially available globally in Q3 2022, making the technology accessible to thriving orthopedic device markets in regions including the U.S., EU, India, Asia Pacific and Latin America. In China and Japan, the innovation is the first medical-grade colored fiber available for use following imminent approval from the New Medical Products Administration (NMPA), providing new capabilities and solutions to the region.


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