Pharma companies discuss with Center for development of Monkeypox vaccine

Diagnostics kits are being developed to treat the infection

Pharma companies and the Center are discussing the development of the Monkeypox vaccine. Photo: Freepik
Pharma companies and the Center are discussing the development of the Monkeypox vaccine. Photo: Freepik

Many Pharmaceutical companies have started the discussion with the Center for manufacturing a potential vaccine against Monkeypox. This vaccine is in the initial stages of discussion with several vaccine manufacturing companies. ANI quotes that potential manufacturers are available for production if the need arises.

The pharma companies are discussing with the government for a vaccine to protect against Monkeypox. ANI has stated that since the virus has been mutated, there is no next-generation vaccine to protect against Monkeypox, and there might be a requirement for a suitable vaccine.

According to ANI, Niti Aayog member Dr VK Paul declared that India was fully prepared against the disease and there was no need to panic. India’s disease surveillance system was energized to check such cases, and the whole situation was under control. The Center has invited several experienced vaccine manufacturers and in-vitro diagnostic kit manufacturers to collaborate to develop vaccines against Monkeypox and manufacture diagnostic kits for the infection.

WHO declares Monkeypox as a health emergency at a global level

India reported a total of four cases, where three are from Kerala and one from Delhi. However, a Niti Aayog member has stated that India has no cause for worry as they are better equipped to handle Monkeypox.

Dr VK Paul said that they are responsible if an individual with symptoms comes for diagnosis as this disease has been represented differently. Every individual has to be taken care of and should come forward in case of similar symptoms.

Monkeypox has been declared a health emergency at a global level by the World Health Organization, and chief Dr Tedros has stated that any prejudice could be harmful. Many countries with no cases have started reporting new cases to the regional director of the World Health Organization, South-East Asia, Dr Poonam Khetrapal.

She also added that the sudden appearance of Monkeypox at a global level and in a wide geographic area indicated that this disease might be spreading below the detection of the surveillance systems. The transmission was possible through close human contacts – direct or indirect that have remained undetected for a long time.

Status of vaccines in India

Adar Poonawala, the CEO of Serum Institute of India, stated that the import of the smallpox vaccine is being considered due to the threat of Monkeypox in the country. Discussions are ongoing with the Danish company Bavarian Nordic for the smallpox vaccine, and once the contract has been signed, it may take two to three months for the vaccine to be imported.

He added that his company would buy vaccines at the earlier stages; however, the government will have to take a call for more stocks. Since only a few cases are being reported, it will have to be noted if the cases increase or decrease.

The epidemiologist states that the cases of Monkeypox can increase in the country, so we need to work on the vaccines. Moreover, the import of drugs required for treating the virus also needs to be taken into account, and importance needs to be given to the vaccination of high-risk populations and frontline workers.


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