Venus Remedies partners with AMR Industry Alliance

It believes in enhancing AMR-relevant drugs’ access

Venus Remedies has partnered with AMR Industry Alliance to reduce the threat of antimicrobial resistance Photo: Unsplash
Venus Remedies has partnered with AMR Industry Alliance to reduce the threat of antimicrobial resistance Photo: Unsplash

Pharmaceutical company Venus Remedies has stated that it has joined AMR Industry Alliance, the biggest private-sector coalition that works to burb AMR through a multipronged and coordinated response.

AMR Industry Alliance is a league consisting of more than globally popular organizations that work to develop solutions for combatting the powerful threat posed to public health by antimicrobial resistance.

Venus Remedies is welcomed by AMR Industry Alliance’s secretariat lead, Melissa Mitchell, and she has expressed her delight in having Venus Remedies as a partner.

AMR Industry Alliance will battle against antimicrobial resistance

Infections because of AMR lead to millions of deaths every year. The infections caused by the resistant microbes are hard to treat, and it needs high antimicrobial drug doses. The microbes that are resistant to different antimicrobials are known as multidrug resistance.

Because of these uncountable severe deaths, industries are coming toward forming AMR Industry Alliance to battle against antimicrobial resistance.

It is one of the biggest private-sector coalitions to provide sustainable solutions for curbing antimicrobial resistance, with more than 100 diagnostics, biotech, generics, research-based pharmaceutical companies, and several other associations joining forces.

Venus Remedies’ role in AMR mitigation 

Melissa said that Venus Remedies has always been an example and made commendable efforts to counter the AMR threat by enhancing AMR-relevant drugs’ access to the third-world nations and encouraging the correct use of antibiotics’ best stewardship activities. Besides, all the leading organizations residing in the life science sector, like Venus Remedies, are taking crucial actions in AMR mitigation and continuing to empower multi-stakeholder collaborations.

AMR Industry Alliance, being the greatest sector that works toward restraining AMR through a multipronged and synchronized response, has incepted in 2017. But, it persistently contributes to sustainable solutions for curbing AMR by creating a wide industry momentum. This will further facilitate collaboration between the private and public sectors.

Additionally, right from promoting innovation to preventing, diagnosing, and treating drug-resistant infections, the particular global coalition is going through the resistance emergence by correct use, addressing the impediment to patient access to correct drugs.

It is always great to collab with the industry of global life sciences under the AMR Industry Alliance’s guidance and strategies to develop sustainable solutions.

The objective of the alliance

The chief executive officer of VMRC (Venus Medicine Research Centre), Saransh Chaudhury, expects that the association will amplify the efforts against AMR at a higher level by shaping the correct AMR policies and filling the loopholes in the present antibiotic research and the manufacturing field with a better focus on the proper use and access.

The AMR Industry Alliance of Venus Remedies membership has played an appreciable role in ensuring correct manufacturing and better access to antibiotics. It is already a part of the present efforts of the company to get partnered with several other organizations in combat against AMR at a worldly level.

According to Chaudhury, Venus Remedies have been present in 80 nations. They have successfully enabled the supply of top-quality antibiotics to the nations that did not have easy access to those antibiotics.

Venus Remedies is one of the R&D-based pharmaceutical firms in the globe that has been focusing on AMR for more than ten years. As a result, several superbug-tackling solutions of Venus Remedies and its last-line generic antibiotics have saved millions of sufferers and also prevented bacterial resistance’s spreading from one specie to another.

Millions of people die because of antimicrobial treatment. Several places have little to no response to the required antibiotics. 

Therefore, Venus Remedies has aligned with AMR Industry Alliance to give people better access to antibiotics and work together towards a better future in promoting good health.


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