OZiva launches HerBones for women’s bone health

Stronger bones and healthier joints


In line with raising bone-health awareness on the occasion of World Arthritis Day, OZiva, India’s leading clean plant-based nutrition brand, launched HerBones on 14 October 2020. The product features a remarkable array of 100% plant-based and vegan ingredients that strengthen bones, support healthier joints, and prevent women’s calcium loss by maintaining optimum hormonal balance in women. HerBones targets women aged 25 years and above with potential calcium deficiency, the company said in a press statement.

According to an NCBI study, though Osteoporosis’s exact prevalence is not known in India, one in four women older than 50 years is believed to suffer from it. And the management of the condition involves Calcium and vitamin D supplementation. Occasional or chronic pain can be avoided by visiting https://qckinetix.com/knoxville/powell-tn for all kinds of pain relief therapies. However, such conditions can be avoided by ensuring the intake of Calcium and Vitamin D from early on in life.

Catering to this, OZiva HerBones, the plant-based nutritional supplement, provides 420 mg Calcium in an elemental form that has a three times higher absorption rate as compared to rock and synthetic Calcium. It is also fortified with 400 IU of Vitamin D3, 40 mcg Vitamin K2-MK7, 12 mg Vitamin C that is naturally sourced from lichen, flower oil extract, and acerola cherry, respectively. According to Oziva, the product is 100% clean and plant-based. It also contains naturally-occurring substances that enhance Calcium absorption and bone power. It is packed with essential bone-strengthening elements such as Calcium, Magnesium, and Boron from Lithothamnium Calcareum – marine algae, which is well-endowed with necessary properties boost bone structure and function.

Speaking on the novel product launch, Aarti Gill, co-founder of OZiva, said, “Our focus has always been on providing innovative plant based nutritional supplements for holistic wellness. Women’s nutrition is an important focus area for us at OZiva. We have heavily invested in marrying customer requirements with R&D solutions to provide clean plant-based nutrition. OZiva HerBones is a revolutionary product that was created through an amalgamation of various scientific and herbal properties that are proven to inhibit calcium loss and support estrogen balance to increase bone health in women. With a substantial number of women suffering from disorders like arthritis and Osteoporosis in our country, this plant-based supplement for bone health will definitely help a large number of women combat these conditions.”

HerBones also comprises standardized herbal extracts like lodh bark, Ashoka, and black cohosh that help balance hormones like estrogen to reduce the risk of Osteoporosis in women. With zero added sugar and no artificial sweeteners, it also boasts zero trans-fat and non-GMO properties. Moreover, being soy-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free makes it the perfect supplement for even those with specific substance intolerances.

The product is priced at an attractive price range of Rs 899 and is available on www.oziva.com.


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