Pacorr’s compression testing of pharmaceutical packaging

Ensures box packaging quality for medicine

Compression testing of pharmaceutical packaging. Photo Pacorr

Pharma industries have grown into many verticals and since the trying times of Covid-19 been growing fast in the online delivery system. With people trying to avoid going out in public they are restricting themselves inside the house and ordering their medicines on online platforms or mobile applications. This gave birth to another area of medicine circulation that is corrugated packaging.

Corrugated packaging is a popular, user-friendly, environment-friendly product used widely in pharmaceuticals. With spreading long networks of the chain of pharma across the world, they trusted over the most reliable packaging product, that is corrugated boxes.

However, while there are many pros to the packaging product there are cons too. And the most common side effect is the material they are made of that is paper board. Under higher compression load the box can bend and disfigure. Further, the disfigurement can cause the content inside to get crushed under the load. Hence it’s important to know at what amount of load the package fails to deliver resistance. To know this the pharmaceutical package must be tested under an artificially created compressive load. In lack of accurate testing, the pharmaceutical package may fail to deliver the strength required during transit and storage. Under increasing load, the box may crush down and the content inside may drop down. This level of damage is not expected when it’s to medicinal packaging. The damage can not only leak out but also if exposed to any other chemical can react with other elements.

Pacorr brings the box compression tester that helps evaluate the compression load at which a box might break down. The equipment is a sturdy machine and is equipped with a digital screen and LED monitor based on highly accurate microprocessor software. The compression plate is loaded with a load cell that ensures delivery of an equal amount of load application at each point of the product. The tester is designed as per international testing standards. This assures that it delivers a highly accurate testing result. It is also equipped with safety limit switches that safeguard the equipment. The machine is equipped with many such features that allow a smooth testing experience.

By testing the pharmaceutical package with the compression tester, the manufacturer can ensure which box packaging quality matches their set requirements. And choose the best quality product for the packaging of drugs.


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