Connect in Pharma announces pharma packaging award winners

The event will take place on 14 September 2022 in Geneva

Connect in Pharma announces sustainable pharma packaging award winners
The categories for the winners of new sustainable medicines packaging awards are – The Design Award and Circulatory Award. Photo: Connect in Pharma

YewMaker and Connect in Pharma have announced that the winners of new sustainable medicines packaging awards will be announced at an in-person champagne ceremony at the Connect in Pharma event in Geneva on 14 September 2022.

The Geneva-based inaugural Connect in Pharma event will host an award ceremony to showcase innovations in sustainable pharmaceutical packaging. YewMaker, a leading name among the sustainable healthcare pioneers, will celebrate sustainable innovations revolutionizing pharmaceutical packaging with gold, silver, and bronze awards under two different categories – The Design Award and Circulatory Award. The design award will throw the limelight on innovations in sustainable packaging designs. Such design innovations may comprise constituents, materials, medicine’s size or shape, and packaging of the medical devices to minimize waste and increase sustainability.

The event at Connect in Pharma will focus on sustainable packaging

The circularity award will throw limelight on packaging services, products, partnerships, or processes to reduce single-use packaging and bring circularity to the pharma packaging supply chain. According to Shazia Mahamdille, central statistics officer at YewMaker, “If we are dedicated to achieving national and global climate change goals, we need to start now. Our objective to launch these awards is to showcase today’s innovations and to motivate and inspire innovators to find solutions for tomorrow’s sustainable packaging.”

According to Nazneen Rahman, founder and chief executive officer of YewMaker, “We believe that Connect in Pharma was a great fit to help launch the sustainable medicines packaging awards. To attain the sustainability core goal, both collaboration and innovation are the two essential elements. Announcing the winners in this award ceremony will help attain a sharper focus on sustainability innovations in pharmaceutical industries.”

While expressing the excitement about partnering with YewMaker, Renan Joel, divisional director at Connect in Pharma, said that they are very excited to partner with YewMaker to host this award ceremony at Connect in Pharma Geneva. The prime objective of Connect in Pharma is to focus on innovation and technology in biotech and pharma communities. And one of the most important aspects in this sector is none other than sustainable packaging. The last date for making entries is 1 August 2022.


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