How the name Apollo Group come into existence

Dr Reddy is the one behind revolutionizing the Indian healthcare industry

Dr Prathap C Reddy is responsible for propelling Apollo Hospitals into a new orbit
Dr Prathap C Reddy is responsible for propelling Apollo Hospitals into a new orbit Photo: Apollo Hospitals

A party took place to celebrate the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon in 1969. At that time, Dr Prathap C Reddy understood that about 40% of the manpower of NASA was Asians, and most of them were Indians. However, he did not know that the name of this healthcare mission would be named ‘Apollo’ as well.

In 1983, while brainstorming to come up with the right name for this Chennai-based hospital, Dr Reddy’s daughter Suneeta Reddy (the present managing director) suggested the name to be ‘Apollo’, a Greek god of healing.

When Dr Reddy was 50 years old, the name was decided. It is the time when the majority of people start to plan for retirement. And at this time, Dr Reddy made a bold footstep toward revolutionizing the healthcare industry in India. The living legend has formulated Apollo Hospitals right from scratch to offer high-end and advanced treatment and diagnostic services not only for the Indians but also for the neighboring nations.

He was dedicated to providing international standard healthcare with passion and at a lesser cost than in the highly advanced world. As the term ‘Apollo’ suggests, the hospital’s target was to heal a person and illuminate an individual’s soul. The report was published in Business Standard.

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The formula of revolution of Apollo Group

He is a genuine visionary transforming India’s healthcare sector by making high-tech-based treatment and medicines affordable and accessible to the Indian people. Besides, special focus has been put on accessibility, affordability, and quality, and he named it ‘Iron Triangle’. 

The revolutionary impact of the Apollo Group on healthcare delivery was very powerful. Therefore, Dr Reddy is known as the ‘Real Healer’ or ‘Sui Generis’.

International standard treatment and diagnosis

Dr Reddy is a compassionate humanitarian dedicated to getting world-class healthcare within the geographic and economic reach of millions and millions. He has successfully crafted the best healthcare delivery model, and several healthcare providers in India have followed it. He got the zeal for bringing India’s health to its best. 

Apollo Group is committed to bringing international standard healthcare within reach of every individual and is also dedicated to maintaining and attaining excellence in research, education, and healthcare to serve and benefit humanity.

Opportunities and contributions to the economy

As per the information mentioned in Business Standard, Dr Reddy contributed to retarding the outflow of nurses, trained doctors, and paramedical staff to several other nations by offering excellent job and working opportunities in his Indian hospitals.

Till now, 25+ million preventive health routine check-ups have been conducted at several Apollo Hospitals. Apollo Hospitals has marked the birth of India’s private healthcare. The legend believed in coming up with the latest and best technology for quality treatment and diagnosis- be it the world’s best MRI and CT scanners or radiotherapy and cancer equipment. Dr Reddy has helped 1000s of patients across several countries and has also enhanced the economy of India.

Dr Prathap Chandra Reddy is the founder and chairman of Apollo Hospitals and is known as the architect of private healthcare in India. Through innovative ideas, persistence, and vision, he has transformed the medical sector and brought affordable healthcare to India. Also, he encouraged many non-resident Indian (NRI) doctors to come back to their nation, India.


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