Surgeons overcome a problem of plenty

Perform reconstructive surgeries on a 10-year-old

Representational image. Image Zach Lezniewicz/Unsplash

A team of surgeons at Narayana Healths SRCC Childrens Hospital successfully performed rare reconstruction surgeries and procedures on the patient to overcome unique and uncommon disorders.

A 10-year-old girl was saved from a life under a traumatic health condition due to a problem of plenty. She faced a condition, which is known as common cloaca (Cloaca) where the child has her urethra, vagina, and rectal openings joined together and opening as a single opening outside.

The surgeons at Narayana Health in Mumbai were successful with their reconstructive surgeries, the hospital said in a release.

In addition, the child also had an absence of a bladder and two hemi uteri joined with two separate vaginas. The girl had earlier undergone the right transverse colostomy at a young age. Her parents went to multiple hospitals but surgery was kept on getting postponed due to the complexity of the disease and surgery. They were referred to an experienced surgeon at SRCC-Narayana Health for further treatment. She underwent complex reconstructive surgeries to overcome these unique and uncommon disorders. Finally, Arushi got a new lease on life and was discharged from the hospital in normal health condition.

Rasiklal Shah, senior consultant of pediatric surgery, said, “Less than 15 cases have been reported in Medical and clinical literature. She underwent laparoscopic pull-through surgery for the imperforate anus about six months ago. This surgery separated her rectum from the common cavity.”

She also had a rare problem of an abnormal connection between the two iliac arteries. The surgeons had to be very careful so that the arteries are not damaged while performing several reconstructive procedures.

Shah says, “The patient was facing the problem of incontinence of urine which was continuously dribbling which is not acceptable in general to anybody. To overcome the problem of urinary incontinence, the Continent Indiana pouch was created. This has helped the child to remain dry and to overcome incontinence to urine. Indiana Pouch was effective as it disconnected ureters from the common cloaca, and they were reimplanted in the pouch. She also had a catheterisable stoma, from which the parents and the child can put the catheter into this Indiana pouch and empty it periodically. This effectively has stopped continuous dribbling of urine.”

“Finally, her colostomy was closed and she started passing stool from the newly constructed rectum. The unique cases had multiple surgeries and the family is completely satisfied with the outcome,” concluded Shah.

The girl and her parents said, “We were made aware of the expertise and experience of SRCC-NH in such complicated and rare cases. Doctors here not only performed complicated surgeries but also took good care of us. All the time, they convinced us that problems are plenty but they would overcome each one by one. We are very grateful to the hospital, doctors, and other staff of SRCC. We would never forget their contribution to making our life happier.”


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