TriMas’ Rieke pumps and closures business celebrates century

TriMas Packaging focused on growth, innovation and sustainability

TriMas' Rieke is actively concerned by the environment implications of plastic pumps and closures in packaging Image Rieke
TriMas' Rieke is actively concerned by the environment implications of plastic pumps and closures in packaging Image Rieke

7 October 2021, Rieke, part of the US headquartered TriMas Packaging group, is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. Rieke is an innovative leader in the development and manufacture of specialty dispensing and closure products including pumps and caps for applications in the beauty and personal care, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, industrial and home care end markets.

For the past century, Rieke has provided customers with innovative products of remarkable quality and value,” said Thomas Amato, TriMas President and chief executive officer. “As one of only a few packaging companies to reach this milestone, Rieke has proven it has a unique ability to adapt and refocus its business model across generations, successfully managing through economic cycles to remain a front runner in developing new products to provide innovative solutions to its customers. Recent examples of Rieke’s new product introductions include a fully recyclable, single polymer dispenser and an eCommerce locking dispenser. This centennial anniversary is a testament to our market-leading innovation, talented and committed employees, and strong customer relationships, which combined, have fueled Rieke’s growth and success over the past 100 years.”

Rieke was founded in 1921 by Theodore W Rieke, an engineer who innovated a new closure approach that revolutionized the durability and performance of industrial drums. In 1978, Rieke was acquired by Masco Corporation, which provided capital to facilitate Rieke’s global expansion through organic investments and acquisitions. Ultimately, Rieke was a key catalyst of Masco’s formation of TriMas Corporation in 1988, where today, along with other brands in TriMas’ Packaging group, Rieke represents the majority of TriMas’ revenue. Over the past 100 years, Rieke has evolved from its industrial roots to a leading global provider of a broad range of dispenser and closure solutions for a diverse set of end markets. Today, Rieke and its related brands have grown to more than half a billion dollars in annual revenue, with 21 global locations and approximately 2,000 dedicated employees.

Like many great companies, Rieke started in a small garage and has expanded over the years. In the past 100 years, Rieke changed the industry with its ground-breaking innovations, technical expertise, and quality products. With the company’s commitment to identify and solve customer challenges, Rieke has become a global leader for many products such as lotion pumps, large dose pumps, foaming pumps and aseptic beverage caps, in addition to its roots in industrial closures.

As we begin the next phase of Rieke’s growth, we look forward to expanding our product offering globally and continuing to champion the next generation of sustainable closure and dispensing solutions,” commented Fabio Salik, president of TriMas Packaging. “We believe Theodore Rieke would be very proud to see what his idea in 1921 has evolved into today, as well as our exciting prospects for the future. Our new tagline, ‘We care beyond packaging’ expresses our integrated care that extends to our valued customers, dedicated employees, stakeholders and the environment that will drive our future successes.”

To honor this historic milestone, a celebration for local employees and retirees will be held at Rieke’s largest facility in Auburn, Indiana, later this week.


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