Airnov continues to expand and invest

Productivity and product innovation to mitigate rising costs and support growth

Dr Matthias Brommer, president and managing director at Airnov. Photo Airnov

Airnov healthcare packaging, in shelf-life preservation solutions to protect pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and diagnostic products from moisture and oxygen, reports that its site expansions in Changshu, China, and Cuddalore, India, are nearing completion, ready to serve a  growing customer base in the region. In addition, the company’s manufacturing plant in Belen, New Mexico, USA, is being modernized with state-of-the-art equipment and a new production line expected  to go on stream in 2022. 

“The demand for safe pharma and healthcare packaging keeps rising,” says Dr Matthias Brommer,  president and managing director at Airnov. “In fact, the global desiccants and modified atmosphere  packaging industry is expected to grow at annual rates of five percent. We are investing heavily to seize  these opportunities, as we continue our four-pillar strategy designed to enhance productivity, drive  product innovation, open attractive new and emerging market segments, and support further growth.” 

While these investments will help the company offset some of the recent cost increases in energy and transportation, the global supply chains have come under significant pressure, resulting in steeply rising  raw material prices. Another cost driver is seen in ever more severe safety and environmental  regulations. At the same time, customers need to address the growing sustainability awareness of  consumers, which permits no faltering in the development and implementation of innovative new product  technology. “Despite all efforts to mitigate the cost increases a price adaptation by at least 5% and up  to 11% if exposed to certain raw materials had therefore become inevitable to stay ahead and meet  these challenges without compromising the competitive benefits of our superior products for customers,”  explains Dr Brommer. 

Airnov healthcare Packaging has established itself in the global market as a trusted supplier with key added value propositions across a diversified range of desiccant, oxygen barrier, equilibrium stabilizer  and odor control products. Determined to maintain the highest standards of product quality, consistency  and supply security, along with industry leading research and development and customer support, the company is extending  its market reach and technology scope. In Asia, it has expanded its manufacturing sites in Changshu,  China, with added capacity e.g. for bottles and vials, and in Cuddalore, India, with added capacity e.g.  for canister products. At Belen in the US, Airnov is in the process of modernizing its plant to  boost productivity and develop new technologies in 2022, such as laser marking. Upcoming innovations will also include a new line of products for the diagnostics market.


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