Redcliffe Labs launches single test for multidrug-resistant TB

Presently two different tests are conducted

Redcliffe Labs launches single test for multidrug-resistant TB
The TB test is performed on BD MAX molecular diagnostic system

To enable clinicians to rapidly test for TB and multidrug resistance as a first-line test, Redcliffe Labs has launched a BD Max MDR TB test, which is performed on a BD Max molecular diagnostic system. Presently two different tests are conducted: one to detect TB and the other to check drug resistance – against only one drug (Rifampicin). With this new test, drug resistance against both Rifampicin and Isoniazid can be detected in a single test, the company said in a press release.

Clinicians can use the test to simultaneously detect bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB) and determine if the bacteria contain mutations associated with resistance to two important first-line drugs – Isoniazid (INH) and Rifampicin (RIF). This enhances the information available to direct the optimal treatment for patients and rules out the need for a separate test to detect isoniazid (INH). The 2021 WHO guidelines included the BD Max MDR-TB Assay in the moderate complexity automated NAAT class of molecular diagnostic technologies for high diagnostic accuracy for TB testing.

India reported a sharp 19% rise in tuberculosis cases in 2021 over the previous year, revealed the India TB Report 2022. The total number of people infected by TB in 2021 was 19 lakh and the number of estimated deaths from all forms of TB in 2020 was around 4.93 lakh. With proper detection and treatment, TB is curable.

“This new test is a big step forward for clinical practice as antimicrobial resistance. We are proud to become the first in India to launch the BD Max MDR TB assay,” said Ashok Rattan, chairman, Medical Committee & Quality, Redcliffe Labs.

Commenting on the launch, Dheeraj Jain, Founder & MD, Redcliffe Labs said, “By introducing the latest tests & equipment, we continue to focus on improving the diagnosis of TB so that we can provide clinicians with the best tools for identifying effective treatments for their patients, contributing to realizing the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to eliminate TB by 2025.  With the launch of labs across Bharat, we are growing closer to our objective of providing quality diagnostics to Indians and clinicians helping them to make the right informed clinical decision.”

Redcliffe Labs provides diagnostics with a comprehensive portfolio approach, both with routine and specialized test menus, with advanced testing labs all over India.  


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