Platinum Industries promotes PVC and CPVC additives at PlastIndia

'Businesses have to take care of technology obsolescence and environmental consciousness' – Balaji Krishnan

(L-R) Balaji Krishnan, CEO, Platinum Industries, and Krishna Dushyant Rana, managing director, Platinum Industries. Photo Platinum Industries

Mumbai-based Platinum Industries promoted its PVC stabilizer onepacks, which include lead products, lead-free products, hybrid products, organic stabilizers such as Ca-Zn and Ca-Org stabilizers, lubricants, and metallic soaps, at the PlastIndia show in New Delhi.

Platinum Industries is in the PVC and CPVC additive industry. It manufactures a range of PVC additives for the rigid and flexible packaging industries and is also into the stearates, waxes, and lubricants business.

Balaji Krishnan, CEO of Platinum Industries, said, “The plastics industry in India is growing at a very healthy pace. We are also growing and thriving. There is a lot of potential in this industry. We need to be more sustainable and look at things where we can be of value to the environment in terms of the reduction of harmful substances such as lead. For any business to sustain itself, the products and the technology have to be sustainable in the long run. It has to take care of technology obsolescence as well as environmental consciousness.

About the PlastIndia exhibition, he said, “As PlastIndia has been held after a gap of five years, it has certainly done above expectations. We had good visitors in terms of customers and suppliers and very good interactions. I think it was a very good experience for the industry.”


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