Pratham’s folders at PrintPack India 2022

Splendid response from pharma packaging converter

Pratham Technologies
Datta Deshpande, chief executive officer at Pratham, showcases folding machines for insert and outsert mainly for the pharmaceutical industry at PrintPack India 2022. Photo HTP

Pune-based Pratham Technologies has received a positive response for its flagship outsert folding machine at PrintPack in Greater Noida from 26 to 30 May. The company, established in 1988, has over 135 employees at present with an annual turnover of Rs 45 crore in FY 20-21. It exports its folders to numerous countries including Canada, and the US, and also has several customers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. 

In PrintPack India 2022, the company showed its innovative folding machines, mainly smaller machines for pharma inserts and outserts. In the pharma packaging outsert folding machines, the setting time and product wastage are the primary bottlenecks and Pratham aims to provide solutions for reducing this.

“At PrintPack, we presented the most recent and comprehensive, completely loaded version of the outsert and insert folding machines, for the pharmaceutical sector. We received a lot of positive feedback and have gotten a slew of queries on which we’ll be working in the next few months,” said Datta Deshpande, chief executive officer at Pratham Technologies. Pratham reportedly sold Rs 4 crore of machines by the last day of the show. 

The company offers a spectrum of machines costing from Rs 3 lakh to 2 crore. “The outserts are like a booklet with 20 folds with so many cross folds which becomes a thick fold. We also have an insert folding machine which can do two-fold and three-fold, and we call it a tiny tabletop machine,” Deshpande added.

Pratham started by making smaller machines for inserts, but with the FDA requirements making 10-point fonts mandatory, the machine sizes had to work for bigger format sheets, and the complexity of the folding increased. Hence, the machines became larger and more complex. The outsert machine at the show shown performing 20-initial folds has space for 4 more plates making it capable of 24 folds if needed.

According to Deshpande, the flagship outsert folding machine is Pratham’s significant revenue earner, and the company works hard to keep it technologically up-to-date. Moreover, it has been favorably received in the international market. About PrintPack India, he stated that the exhibition has always been a terrific platform for interacting with current and prospective clients. “We’ve had a great time at PrintPack through the years, and this year was no exception,” Deshpande concluded.


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