Aayu App — application for offline chemist store

Strengthening the backbone of India's healthcare system - the local chemist stores

Aayu App
Aayu App is strengthening the backbone of India's healthcare system - the local chemist stores. Photo Aayu App

Aayu is a cohort of platforms in which consumers are putting their faith. Aayu is growing and providing health services to the people of India at their doorstep in every nook and corner. With the new changes, Aayu is becoming the country’s support system for online healthcare. Consumers get consultations from specialist doctors, lab tests, and medicines from the nearest retail chemist stores on a single platform.

Aayu is creating the country’s largest offline chemist stores network, providing medicines to consumers 24X7 in the comfort of their homes. By creating this vast retail store network Aayu is playing the pivotal role of an ally for the chemist stores in growing their business.

The co-founder of Aayu, Shreyans Mehta stated that Medcords’ through Aayu App, SehatSathi App, and Doctors Portal which will henceforth be under one umbrella of ‘Aayu’ is revolutionizing healthcare by bringing the healthcare services to the doorsteps of the users across Bharat. With this change, Aayu has become a support system for the offline chemist stores as the network of over 40,000 Chemist stores has digitized themselves to reap the benefits of business growth via digital means. 35lakh+ users now depend on Aayu for their healthcare, consultation, and testing needs, and 5000+ specialized doctors are available on the network for the benefit of the consumers, providing on-call consultations. The presence of Aayu in over 17 states and the ambition of covering Bharat in its entirety are aimed at providing meaningful and accessible healthcare facilities to all.

Nikhil Baheti, the co-founder of Aayu is confident that with this change, Aayu is empowering retail chemist stores to stand fearlessly against the onslaught of online pharmacies. The offline chemist stores are now being digitized, being made technically strong, and provided with a platform to grow their business.

Mehta mentioned that Aayu is on its way to making healthcare accessible for consumers across the length and breadth of India via offline chemists, doctors, and testing labs. Aayu is becoming the country’s support system in offline and online healthcare. The consolidation at the company’s end has ensured that Aayu App for consumers, SehatSathi App, now known as Aayu Chemist and the Doctors portal now known as Aayu Doctor offer a consistent and exceptional experience for consumers. Consumers will be able to consult a doctor, order medicine, book lab tests, and also save their medical health records digitally on a single platform that is Aayu.

With this change in Aayu, the network will increase, and its benefits will be directly available to retail and local chemists.

Saida Dhanawat, the co-founder of Aayu asserts that along with technical support, attractive features and schemes are being brought through which consumers are and, in the future, more will connect with online healthcare. The trust of consumers will always be with their offline retail chemists because these retail chemists have been doing the business of medicine in their locality and area for decades. They have the trust of the people and to keep this trust, they will continue to serve the consumers in the same way and keep providing medicines to them in their time of need in the new online + offline avatar.


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