Hoffmann Neopac begins large-scale solar panel installation at Hungary facility

Sustainability initiative with a sizable solar power panel

Hoffmann Neopac
Hoffmann Neopac's solar panel project in Hungary facility. Photo Hoffmann Neopac

Hoffmann Neopac, one of the global providers of packaging for pharma, beauty, and oral care, is continuing its organization-wide sustainability initiative with a sizable solar power panel installation at its manufacturing facility in Debrecen, Hungary.

Spanning more than 10,000 square meters (over 100,000 square feet), the project includes the installation of more than 2,700 panels. Once up and running, the panels will produce about 1,500,000 kWh – approximately 15% of the plant’s electricity consumption. The clean energy initiative represents an investment of more than $500,000 USD (approximately Rs 3,93,91,214).

Also in Debrecen, Neopac is undertaking a materials reuse program in which waste from its signature Polyfoil tubes will be utilized by a local company to produce new solar panels for use throughout the city. The effort exemplifies Neopac’s commitment to moving toward comprehensive green manufacturing practices.

The solar panel installations in Debrecen come on the heels of a similar initiative at Neopac’s Switzerland facilities. Last year, the company installed one of Switzerland’s largest solar power systems. At a cost of over 2 million Swiss Francs ($2.2 million), the extensive green energy initiative is making Hoffmann Neopac fully electricity sustainable at each of its two manufacturing sites in its home country.

In addition, a wide variety of EcoDesign solutions support the company’s commitment to sustainability-minded production breakthroughs. These include high-density polyethylene (HDPE) caps, Recycled tubes with 64% PCR content, lightweight plastic tubes with 30% weight reduction in the tube body, and bio-based tubes such as the novel Picea wood-based tube. In the tin sector, the company has achieved full packaging steel circularity in collaboration with its steel supplier. The result has been the recent launch of RecyCan, which is comprised of 100% PCR steel from German households.


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