The rising demand for safety syringes in India


As a much more widespread regulatory regime for medical devices in India takes hold, demand for safety syringes is rising across the country. Safety-engineered devices protect healthcare workers from avoidable needlestick injury and possible infection with Hepatitis or even HIV. This is particularly important in a health system suffering from a chronic shortage of doctors and nurses. To understand drivers of the growing demand for safety syringes in India, Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services, a global industry leader in medical device design and manufacturing, has published a short white paper into the trends and drivers surrounding safety-device take up.

The paper covers several key topics highlighting, for instance:

  • Sales of safety-engineered syringes are growing at an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19%
  • In advance of national sharps safety legislation, some states have pre-emptively announced new rules that will mandate safety devices
  • Other factors are also driving growth in safety device usage, including healthcare worker protection in the home environment, the trend towards homecare, the self-administration requirements of biological therapies, guarding the welfare of carers in non-healthcare settings.

George I’ons, head – Product Strategy and Insights, Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services, comments, “This latest analysis offers a clear view of the factors that are at play in the safety device market, with individual state initiatives suggesting that a mandatory safety device regulation is likely to be coming down the track – mirroring requirements in the US and European markets. In addition, the increasing push to drive patients to manage their conditions at home means that homecare settings are also increasingly coming under scrutiny.”

“As a result, market projections are buoyant with safety device demand expected to grow across the country. Pre-filled drug delivery devices designed to help patients manage prescription and dosage accuracy are expected to grow with particular strength. Safety-engineered devices comfortably dominate the pre-filled market, indicating that pharmaceutical firms regard safety features as a key differentiator.”


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