DTDC strives to expand hubs while emphasizing healthcare

It has launched multiple warehouses countrywide

DTDC is expanding its logistics business in India with a particular focus on healthcare Photo: DTDC
DTDC is expanding its logistics business in India with a particular focus on healthcare Photo: DTDC

This mission is put into action by DTDC. It has begun in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur district. A new warehouse, enabled with high-end technology and state-of-the-art facilities, has been opened.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a pause in the lifecycle of people across the globe. However, after the disruption for two years, the logistics industry is expanding as the Covid-19 pandemic loses its intensity. DTDC, a logistics provider, is led this expansion, putting its special focus on healthcare. 

The logistics game is taken to another level as a national player, and the infrastructure is upgraded. Multiple warehouses are being launched to catalyze positive expansion and growth.

DTDC is exercising its objective in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. A new-generation warehouse has been opened by partnering with the eCommerce giants. DTDC is ready to offer boosted deliveries all over the categories across the rural and urban segments of the state. People nowadays want everything right at their fingers tip, and this is precisely what DTDC is doing in terms of healthcare.

Motto of DTDC

According to the managing director, chairman, and founder of DTDC, Subhasish Chakraborty, for further enhancing the services and streamlining the operation for serving the customers in a better way, major logistics hubs are being built all across the nation, and value is being delivered to the customers all over the nation. It makes sure that customer convenience is kept intact.

After the Covid-19 pandemic struck and post-lockdowns, people demanded more for the medicines and vaccine’s doorstep delivery. For meeting this demand and facilitating people with fast services that meet their life-saving medical needs, DTDC has come up with the mission to meet the demands of every large and most remote village in the nation.

DTDC is happy with how the citizens of the country have supported it for the past 32 years. DTDC started in Karnataka and is now present all across India. Advanced infrastructure, support, and service are the key element that enables DTDC to take care of the needs of everyone in the foreseeable future.

SSCF offers education and shelter to old aged and orphanages

Besides, a foundation named SSCF (Shri Subhasish Chakraborty Foundation) is also run by DTDC, where the old aged and orphanages are offered essential facilities like education and shelter. The team is highly confident that it will take up more such social work as they progress.

With the implementation that has begun in Andhra Pradesh, DTDC is thinking of expanding all its trails with upgraded facilities and infrastructures in the other states. DTDC uses modern API, new shipping tools, and plug-in stacks to provide complete services to SMEs, retail clients, large organizations, and eRetailers.

DTDC’s new solutions for healthcare

DTDC has withstood the changing times and has developed many ground-breaking solutions in different parts of the supply chain business all over the years. The company introduced the MyDTDC app in 2020. 

The app offered many subsidized services to individuals through its CRP (Covid Relief Program). Besides, it has also introduced Smile Code Delivery. It is a real-time, zero-contact Covid-safe delivery armed with two-factor authentication.

DTDC is yet to show its full potential. But by looking at how it is making use of modern components to make the life of people better, the upcoming future is bright for DTDC. 

Indeed, its exercise of power in the healthcare sector is in the initial stage, but in the coming days, it will serve to make it at its best. By prioritizing healthcare and understanding its importance, DTDC is doing something great.


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