Pumas software now available for desktop download 

The Pumas software is for drug development, modeling, and simulation 

Pumas software now available for desktop download 
Image of the drugs. Photo credit: Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Pumas-AI, a science-first organization that turns data into faster lifesaving decisions, said that Pumas software is now available for desktop download.

Pumas is a one-stop integrated representation and simulation platform designed to increase drug development, turning data into life-saving decisions.

Pumas provides all the evaluations required by pharmaceutical scientists. Some of the important features and benefits are easy access for those on the move, including the same functions and syntax for an easy transition to Pumas cloud solutions, and internet connection is not required for on-premise applications.

Joga Gobburu, CEO at Pumas-AI and former US food and drug administration director, said scientists created this modeling and simulation software to make the lives of other scientists easier and provide more thought time. Pumas-AI’s powerful software on the desktop opens up another access option while on the move.

Pumas provides pharma and biotech companies and their investors with usable quantitative metrics on technical and commercial probabilities with their complete range of analytics capabilities. It makes it possible for the users to translate their predictive insights into real-world decisions faster, thus effectively de-risking investments.

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy faculty members Vijay Ivaturi and Gobburu established Pumas-AI. Pumas-AI work toward offering solutions for those at the frontline of the healthcare sector, from discovery to delivery.

Pumas-AI has a wide range of software tools and consultancy experts who help scientists, pharmaceutical businesses, biotechnology, healthcare providers, and other regulatory bodies to make better decisions.

Vijay Ivaturi, co-founder and chief scientific officer, said, “Thousands of users are taking advantage of Pumas’ unmatched speed and accuracy, setting aside old software that makes them jump between multiple systems and manual systems.”


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